WordPress: A detailed overview.

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Here is a list of questions I will be trying to answer in this article.

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. What are Plugins in WordPress?
  3. Why is WordPress the best CMS (Content Management System)?
  4. Is WordPress free to use?
  5. How can you earn from WordPress?
  6. Is WordPress reliable and easy to use?
  7. Which is the best hosting provider for WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Whats WordPress • WordPress: A detailed overview. • Free Front End

WordPress began in 2003, when a software engineer named Matt Mullenweg worked on a modest little PHP-based CMS called b2/cafelog. b2 was one of the first weblog editors that permitted the simple arrangement of HTML. People could now make their own online magazines without touching code.

Today WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that you can use to create blogs, websites, and simple applications.

WordPress is the easiest, most famous approach to make your own personal site or blog. Indeed, WordPress controls over 38.8% of the apparent multitude of sites on the Internet. That means, more than one of every four sites that you visit are likely controlled by WordPress.

Is WordPress free?

Is wordpress free illustration

Yes. WordPress is free and ever will be. WordPress is free to use for anyone. There are thousands of themes and plugins available that can be used along with the WordPress.

If it is indeed free then where does the question of Cost come from? Let’s bust this myth once and for all.

Costs involved with WordPress

The software itself is free but you might end up paying for:

Let’s say a very rich friend of yours gifted you a Ferrari. Now consider that Ferrari to be the WordPress software for our example. You have got the car for free (just as you get WordPress for free download). So far, no costs with your WordPress.

money involved in wordpress

1. Hosting Costs

Now the problem comes when you need to park your Ferrari. You don’t have a garage. Where would you keep it? See the problem?

In our case, as you have a free WordPress, you also need a place to host it. So you will obviously be charged for hosting. Where you decide to park your Ferrari is your choice but you will not escape the cost of keeping it. Likewise, you will not escape the cost of keeping your WordPress. And if you are planning on creating a website using WordPress, then you must choose a web host.

A web host isn’t free. It can cost you anywhere from $30 to $3000 per year depending on the web host and the website you are planning to host. You can also use a ultrafast fast managed WordPress hosting like Hostgator for best-in-class performance.

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2. Themes and styling

Now that we have taken care of parking, the next thing will be the looks and functionalities of your Ferrari. You may like a different color. In our example, the color of the Ferrari refers to Themes.

Just like there are numerous colors and styles available for your Ferrari, there are so many themes available for WordPress that can change the appearance of your WordPress site in any way you want. You can also build custom themes. Obviously, this will cost you money. The cost of a premium theme must be taken into account.

3. Adding extra functionality

Another thing to consider is the functionality. Maybe you want to add extra speakers or just tune your radio to your specific liking. Functionality in this example translates to plugins in WordPress.

There are thousands of plugins developed for WordPress that add specific functionality to the software. Not all the plugins are free. There are many good premium plugins that are worth the money. You need to consider the costs of plugins as well.

Download Premium WordPress Plugins for free (GPL Version).

4. Maintenance

The last thing to consider in our example is the cost of maintenance of the Ferrari. It is not going to maintain itself. It will have some glitches and you will have to take it to an expert to fine-tune it.

Likewise, you will need to fine-tune your WordPress from time to time. For this, you may need to consult an expert e.g. a web developer who specializes in WordPress, like me. The price for customer support can be an example of maintenance cost in our example.

Is WordPress easy to use?

is wordpress easy tp use

As I said before WordPress was made originally for Blogging as far as blogging is concerned you can say that for blogging WordPress is very easy to use. But you will start going up it can be a headache for you to do all the maintenance stuff alone.

Alright, You are using WordPress.
Is it copywrite free?

licence for wordpress • WordPress: A detailed overview. • Free Front End

WordPress is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). It allows you to freely use, edit, modify, collaborate on and redistribute the code.

You hold the copyright for any modifications you make but when you redistribute it, again GPL applies. It means that anyone can now freely use, edit, modify and redistribute your code. Any derivative work you make is licensed under GPL only.

What good is a Ferrari if you can’t drive it, style it in any way you want, and park it in your own space? Well, WordPress is such a Ferrari. You can run it any way you like, style it as you want, and even park it in a space that you bought for it.

So to conclude…
Why is WordPress the best CMS?

Managing content is very easy using WordPress. Google values new and unique content for ranking, and thus WordPress can help you grow. Using the right WordPress plugins for website creation, you can create any website you want.

Check out top 8 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS.

Using WordPress you can easily navigate pages through the website and so does Google and Bing which index all pages. The more Google finds new content, the more they will return to your website. All you need is a domain and web hosting.

Want to buy a domain name? We recommend Namecheap.

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